This list of resources are generally web based and are constantly be modified. To help you keep track of new resources we have begun dating additions and will always post the latest links at the top of the page.


1-18-2014  LED bulbs can be a good replacement for Incandescent. They require some education to pick the right ones. This article covers the A19 style bulb:



“How Do You Go Green”; this video outline’s the reasons why and the how to of a car dealership Going Green:


This video from Energy Alliance Group provides a source of finding the solutions to energy reductions, incentives and financing:


DOE Energy 101 – Geothermal Video:


Lighting Technology Learning Center:


IRS Section 179 Tax Deduction:


DOE Energy Policy Act:


DOE Exterior Lighting Guide:


DOE & Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Homepage:


DOE Buildings Energy Data Book:


NADA Energy Star Program:


State by State Incentive Guide:


Lighting Comparison Calculator:


Explanation of LED, especially PAR lamps:

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