NADA/EPA Energy Star Survey


When NADA partnered with the EPA in 2007 to educate dealerships on energy reduction and cost saving opportunities it was a major effort to help dealers save money and become more eco-friendly. We are providing links to some of the material provided by NADA and Energy Star that has been published that is very useful in the reduction of the use of energy and lower utility cost.

More recently there has been an effort to provide a mechanism whereby car dealers could receive recognition for high performing facilities. This will be in the way of car dealers earning the Energy Star Award. This award is now available to 15 building types but has never been available to car dealerships due to a lack of a base of data to compare dealers performance.

NADA recently partnered with EPA/Energy Star on a special project  to work with car dealers in gathering that needed data through a survey process. Dealers can support this effort by completing the survey. For more information and to take the survey click here:

Completing the survey will contribute to development of the data base, however, applying for the Energy Star recognition will require another step which will be to be an active participant in Energy Star Portfolio Manager. This is a win win for car dealerships. Energy Star Portfolio Manager is a powerful tool that allows you to capture energy use of all types as well as water use. There is an initial setup of Portfolio Manager and the need to update it monthly as new utility data becomes available.

Initially, you will only be able to compare your own performance over time but as soon as the data base is finalized you will be comparing your performance against other car dealerships with seasonally adjusted data. It is a perfect tool for anyone who is in interested in reducing energy or water usage. As the data base get installed it will be the perfect opportunity to compare your performance against the car dealer base and either be recognized by Energy Star or place yourself in a much better position for achieving your energy/water usage goals.

To assist dealers in completing the survey and getting set up on Energy Star Portfolio Manager we are here to help. If you have any questions at all about the survey, setting up Energy Star Portfolio Manger or using the Portfolio Manager tool Green Dealer Support is always available to help. you can email or go to the Contact Us page in this website and let us know how we can assist you.

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