NADA is expanding their support of dealer Going Green. This is evidenced in several ways:



At the NADA 2014 Convention that held January 24-27, 2014 in New Orleans, a workshop was held that provided dealers many sources of information that would help a dealership in their move to GO Green.

The workshop was "improving Cash Flow and Profits with Green Initiatives". 



Nada is also has been the driver in a joint effort between NADA and the EPA/Energy Star. The task is to gather benchmark information about dealership operations mainly related to the use of Energy, Once an adequate number of dealers complete this study Energy Star will add the category of Car Dealerships thus allowing dealers to compete in and be recognized as Energy Star businesses. This effort required here is less than you might think and the benefits to all dealers is substantial. If dealers wish to complete this survey and need any assistance, Green Dealer Support is available to help. Click here to find out all of the detail on this NADA/EPA effort.


In addition to the items mentioned above, NADA has devoted an entire section of their website to dealers Going Green. NADA realizes that by dealers Going Green they will become more profitable and provide a positive impact on the environment. This pages of their website include information as follows:

  • How to become involved
  • The components of a Green Dealership
  • Selling Green 
  • What New

Click here to go to the NADA green section

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