NADA Workshop Outline


Workshop Outline and Objectives

Going Green – Sustainability(Chuck Golden)

Define what is a green dealership

Identify the components of going “green”

Summarize why to go “green”

Apply how to go “green”

The Energy Components of Going Green(Scott Ringlein)

List the primary components of energy use at a dealership

Discover which habits can be changed to reduce energy usage

Choose technologies that can reduce energy costs

Give examples of some alternative and overlooked technologies to reduce energy consumption

Use energy savings and incentive-pay for energy reduction solutions while improving cash flow

The Technical Issues of Lighting(Andrew Lindstrom)

Define the types of lighting choices

Outline the characteristics of different lighting

Identify the cost of lighting that should be of concern

Compare and contrast where technology has taken us

Select the best solution

Driving Profits with Lighting Solutions – Working the Numbers(Ryan Rodau)

Explain how you can become an educated lighting buyer

Recognize the information needed to do the calculations

Illustrate how to do the calculations

List the comparison approaches

Examine the pitfalls

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