About Us

Green Dealer Support came about with the idea that we could provide help to car dealers  in their efforts to incorporate eco-friendly  practices into their business model. The company was founded by a group of people passionate about auto retail and the environment. Green Dealer Support was built on the premise that the green/sustainability movement is complex and will continuously evolve. Therefore dealers will need help designing and implementing programs that add efficiency, customer satisfaction and customer retention along with a commitment to green initiative and environmental stewardship to their business model. 

Many dealers have already taken a proactive approach to becoming a  "Green Dealer". They have made it part of their operational approach to business and as part of their support for a sound stewardship program in their community.

Green Dealer Support provides a three-pronged approach for dealers to use in  their efforts to become “greener”. The process includes: 

Dealership Assessments/Evaluations

Assessment/Evaluations are conducted to determine where the dealership stands on a number of green or environmental issues. The assessors identify opportunities that exist as well as documenting green activities that are already in place.

At the conclusion of the Assessment/Evaluation a detailed report is presented that provides a road map of things to do to become greener.


With a road map of green opportunities the dealership is ready to proceed with working through a process to becoming greener.

A Green Dealer Support person becomes a part of the dealership team with the goal of guiding the dealership team and assisting with the research needed to implement identified opportunities.


Communicating your support for green, energy-saving initiatives to your employees, customers and your community is your first goal. Your Green program is an ongoing effort that requires training and marketing.

You will find that our team is comprised of veteran industry experts from a number of different automotive backgrounds enabling us to provide you with both practical and marketable strategies as a Green Dealer. 

The Owners
Our entire team has worked in the automobile business in one form or another for many years. While we have a variety of backgrounds we never have strayed far from working with car dealers or OEM's.
We periodically met to talk about our business and how changes that were occurring often create challenges that dealers address in a variety of ways. When we began to talk about the sustainability of the environment and how that affects dealers we realized this was an area that would create challenges and tremendous opportunities for dealers to take the lead.

There are 6 members of our team and here is a brief description of their car dealer experience. They all provide input into how we run this business and how we can provide a service to dealers and OEM's that will have the most positive impact. 

Anders, Will
Former senior partner, retail consulting firm McMillian Doolittle and the author of  the internationally recognized book, Greentailing
Arens, Adam
Subaru dealer who has embraced green dealership activities including becoming Energy Star certified
Herman, Chris
Owner, Herman Advertising Agency specializing in dealership advertising and marketing
Jerich, Barbara
Former dealership COO and an Attorney who specializes in strategic planning, operations management, financial and legal transactions
Ray, Don
CPA and specialist in Dealership Financial Management analysis
Golden, Chuck
CEO of Green Dealer Support, former GM Executive and Owner of Retail Consulting Group centering attention on customer experience and dealership assessment


The Support Team

The Green Dealer Support Team that meets with dealers are a unique group of men and women who have been working in the automobile business for many years. Some of the team members have a retail dealership background and many of them have an OEM background with most having both. In selecting our team we felt it was important to not just know about "green" and how it effects car dealers but also understand the operations of a dealership and the real world challenges that exist.

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